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280885 - Risk Management System(Video), 2008

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Risk Management System

Speically Appointed Prof. Masahiko YANO

(Department Director of Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting Co., Ltd.)

On-site Center Sustainability for Design
Osaka University

 *Interviewer:  Kumiko AKITA



Course Description

In this class, we systematically review the main risks in an organization, and teach the systematic approach to managing them.  In particular, we talk about the environment (green infrastructure, Co2-reduction), quality (product liability, handling complaints), occupational health and security, the society (CSR, handling consumers) and others.  Also, we lecture on important and fundamental matters about information security and management when controlling risks at an enterprise/organization level.

In addition, we have exercises on extracting risks and evaluating or changing them to generate profit in an organization, utilizing checkup techniques of integrated management systems.  Therefore, we learn practical knowledge and skills which make it possible to construct and evaluate the entirety of risk management.


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