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331409 - System Interface Design, Spring Term, 2005

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System Interface Design

Professor Haruo TAKEMURA,                  Assoc. Professor Kiyoshi KIYOKAWA

Information Sceince & Technology
Osaka University

Course Structure: 1 time a week, 90 min.

Course Description

This course gives you the opportunity to explore fundamental understandings of the relationships between information systems and their end-users from both human and technological aspects. Especially, methodologies for user interface design and its evaluation are provided. Interfaces for database systems, information visualization for data mining, three dimensional user interface, virtual reality and related technologies are also discussed as examples of advanced interfaces.

Copyright 2010, by the Contributing Authors. Cite/attribute Resource. Takemura, H., Kiyoshi, K. (2007, June 01). System Interface Design. Retrieved December 12, 2018, from Osaka University Open Course Ware Web site: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License Creative Commons License