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44 - Opto- and Quantum Electronics(Syllabus only), Autumn Term

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Opto- and Quantum Electronics

Emeritus Prof. Tetsuo KOBAYASHI, Prof. Hideo Itozaki, Prof. Shinji URABE

Engineering Science
Osaka University

Course Structure: 1 time a week, 90 min.

Level:  Graduate

Course Description

This lecture aims to give the basic elements of optical and quantum electronics and their applications. The main contents are as follows: Fourier optics, propagation and diffraction of optical waves, optical integrated circuit, optical fiber communications and so on.

Several topics on quantum optics and superconductive quantum effects are also included in this lecture.

Copyright 2010, by the Contributing Authors. Cite/attribute Resource. Kobayashi, T., Itozaki, H., Urabe, S. (2007, June 13). Opto- and Quantum Electronics(Syllabus only). Retrieved December 12, 2018, from Osaka University Open Course Ware Web site: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License Creative Commons License