30 - Solid State Spectroscopy(シラバスのみ), Spring Term


Solid State Spectroscopy

菅 滋正教授


授業時間: 週1回、90分

レベル:  大学院



The lecture will provide basic concepts, methods and examples of high energy spectroscopy for materials sciences. Synchrotron radiation has characteristic features of wide spectral distribution, high brightness, high polarization, pulse structure and so on. Utilization of such features to advanced solid state spectroscopy is reviewed in the lecture. Studies of correlated electron systems and nanomagnetic materials are reviewed.

Citation: 菅滋正. (2007, June 12). Solid State Spectroscopy(シラバスのみ). Retrieved January 22, 2019, from Osaka University Open Course Ware Web site: http://ocw.osaka-u.ac.jp/engineering-science-jp/solid-state-spectroscopy-jp.
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