35 - Solid State Devices(シラバスのみ), Spring Term


Solid State Devices




授業時間: 週1回、90分

レベル:  大学院



The purpose of this lecture is to give an introduction of solid state devices.

Firstly, basic properties of electronic materials and electron and hole behaviors in semiconductors are explained as the fundamental knowledge. Then the lecture gives operation principles, characteristics and applications of various important electronic and photonic devices such as diodes, transistors, integrated circuits, light emitting diodes, semiconductor lasers, sensors, solar cells and memory devices, and moreover, advances to recent device development in computer, display, fast communication systems, etc.

Citation: 赤坂洋一. (2007, June 12). Solid State Devices(シラバスのみ). Retrieved October 24, 2018, from Osaka University Open Course Ware Web site: http://ocw.osaka-u.ac.jp/engineering-science-jp/solid-state-devices.
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