34 - Separation Science for Biotechnolog(シラバスのみ), Spring Term


Separation Science for Biotechnology



授業時間: 週1回、90分

レベル:  大学院



Separation, an old yet new operation, plays a key role in various branches of science and technology as well as in various industries including chemical- and bio-industries.

The aim of this lecture is to give an overview of separation science based on the understanding of the common underlying principles of separations and on the appreciation of the different characteristics of some specific separation methods for its practical application, especially, to biotechnology..

Citation: 久保井亮一. (2007, June 12). Separation Science for Biotechnolog(シラバスのみ). Retrieved November 13, 2018, from Osaka University Open Course Ware Web site: http://ocw.osaka-u.ac.jp/engineering-science-jp/separation-science-for-biotechnolog.
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