40 - Evolutional Science and Engineering of Correlated Electron Matter(シラバスのみ), Autumn Term


Evolutional Science and Engineering of Correlated Electron Matter



授業時間: 週1回、90分

レベル:  大学院



New types of superconducting and magnetic phenomena emerge in correlated electron matters. Strong electron-correlation effect gives rich phenomena and functions in condensed matters, being key-concept for heavy-electron materials, itinerant electron magnets, high-transition-temperature cupper-oxide superconductors, novel transition- metal oxides, and organic conductors, magnets and superconductors.

We begin with a perspective view on these materials. An overview on experimental techniques, that are powerful tools for investigating these phenomena, are given, focusing on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Neutron Scattering (NS) experiments. On the basis of microscopic information obtained by these techniques, we address intriguing properties in correlated electron matters and their physical backgrounds.

Citation: 北岡良雄. (2007, June 12). Evolutional Science and Engineering of Correlated Electron Matter(シラバスのみ). Retrieved January 20, 2019, from Osaka University Open Course Ware Web site: http://ocw.osaka-u.ac.jp/engineering-science-jp/evolutional-science-and-engineering-of-correlated-electron-matter-jp.
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