33 - Biofunctional Material Design(シラバスのみ), Autumn Term


Biofunctional Material Design

馬越 大教授


授業時間: 週1回、90分

レベル:  大学院



The biological system has a variety of efficient and latent functions to adapt itself to the given environment.  In this lecture, review will be given on the design and develop of the stimuli-responsive and environment-friendly biomaterials which mimics the biological systems with self-organized structure.

Citation: 馬越大. (2007, June 12). Biofunctional Material Design(シラバスのみ). Retrieved October 24, 2018, from Osaka University Open Course Ware Web site: http://ocw.osaka-u.ac.jp/engineering-science-jp/biofunctional-material-design-jp.
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