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135177 - History of Osaka University, Spring Term, 2009

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History of Osaka University

Omnibus lecture by multiple teachers

Institute for Higher Education Research and Practice
Osaka University

Course Structure: 1 time a week, 90 min.

Level: Undergraduate


Course Description


 How well do you know this Osaka University where you are studying? Let’s study the origin and the foundation of Osaka University, the people who were involved at each stage of development, and how those people improved Osaka University and cultivated new academic fields. We study Osaka University’s academic culture developed by those people and the school’s motto.
We are sure those who take this course will be able to establish their identity as a member of Osaka University.  This fact will bring out great power when you study at Osaka University, when you blaze a new path to the future after graduation, and when you encounter difficulties anytime.

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