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Welcome to Osaka University Open Course Ware Site

Osaka University strives to nurture researchers and professionals engaged in cutting-edge research and conducting such research with the full trust of society. Furthermore, Osaka University strives to provide students with a distinctive education, an education transfused with a definitive style, a style based upon “enlightenment”, the “empowered imagination”, and “international mindedness” – a style we refer to as the “Osaka University style.”

In this regard, lecture notes and related materials used in classes have been available since 2005 through Osaka University Open Course Ware (OCW). This approach accords with our motto “Live Locally, Grow Globally” as well as the mission of our  university to serve as a base for scholarship and to participate in the construction of a “network of scholarship.”

In part, a university fulfills its original role through advanced projects ahead of their time, projects employing a variety of media looking ahead to future needs. Osaka University’s Open Course Ware is one such project. It is our sincere hope that many will gain a greater understanding of the outstanding characteristics of Osaka University and be assisted in their studies through this Open Course Ware.


Shojiro NISHIO
President of Osaka University

Osaka University OpenCourseWare

Osaka University Open Course Ware is a collection of Osaka University's educational materials which have been actually used in the courses taught at Osaka University.


OCW News

The 3rd Asia Regional OCW Conference

The 3rd Asia Regional OCW Conference

The 3rd Asia Regional OCW Conference took place on Nov. 7-8 at Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan. About 100 participants joined the meeting from 10 countries including Japan, Korea, Thailand and USA. Following OCW country reports from regional consortia, we had a lively exchange of views about OCW best practices from each university, our new challenges, Long-term sustainability of open education projects and other related issues. (Photo by VS5 with CC License attribution)

The details for the conference can be found here.  

Revised Courses

Mar/15/2012 Prof. Takashi MASHIMO, Medicine, his last lecture added.

Mar/14/2012 Prof. Tohru KIKUNO, Information Science and Technology, his last lecture added.

Mar/14/2012 Prof. Hisazumi AKAI, Science, his last lecture added.

Mar/09/12 Prof. Yoshichika OHNUKI, Sciece, his last lecture added.

Mar/08/2012 Prof. Masayuki MIYASAKA, Medicine, his last lecture added.

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